Tibet visa:
Travelling to Tibet via mainland China:
Travellers wishing to go to Tibet via mainland China can enter with a Chinese visa, but they must also obtain a Tibet travel permit. It is impossible to apply for the permit directly – application must be made through a travel agency and we can help with this.

Travelling to Tibet via Nepal (Kathmandu):
Foreigners are not permitted to cross the Nepalese border into Tibet unless they have a specific Tibet visa (rather than a Chinese visa). Tourists are unable to obtain the Tibetan visa directly – they must buy a package tour with a travel operator in Kathmandu, who will apply for the visa on their behalf.

If there is an individual Chinese visa already in your passport, the Chinese Embassy will cancel the Chinese visa before issuing the Tibet visa. This is because Tibet is part of China and it is impossible to possess two valid visas for the same country simultaneously.

The Chinese government allows single travellers as well as groups, but there should be a fixed tour itinerary indicating the precise dates of entry and exit. You must travel with a government-approved tour guide (Chinese or Tibetan), and charter a Land Cruiser for the entire journey.

Travel Permit:
Travelling via mainland China:
Without a travel permit for Tibet, it is impossible even to buy an air or bus ticket. Foreigners are not allowed to apply for the permit directly, so they should apply through a local agency in China. For those travelling via mainland China, our Changdu office can obtain the permit and deliver to your contact address in China.

Travelling from Kathmandu:
For foreigners travelling via Kathmandu, their tour operator should obtain the Tibet travel permit from the Public Security Bureau, through their head office in Lhasa. The Chinese tour guide will bring the permit to the border town when he comes to receive the group.

Alien Travel Permit:
Much of Tibet is restricted for foreign visitors. If foreigners wish to visit a restricted area, they can apply for a ‘travel permit’ from the local Public Security Bureau, showing their desired destination. If they are booking with an agency, the agency can handle this.

What to bring:
We recommend that you bring clothes for changing weather conditions, as the temperatures in Tibet can vary substantially. Wet weather gear is also necessary.
The intensity of the light – and the high UV factor – in Tibet makes sunglasses imperative, as well as plenty of sun-block. Sunscreen products are not easily available in Tibet, so make sure you bring plenty of your own. A brimmed hat is also recommended, for extra protection.

The following is a checklist of the items which you should pack:

  1. Walking boots and sandals (or trainers are OK)
  2. Water/wind proof jacket
  3. Sweatshirts
  4. T shirts
  5. At least one thick sweater
  6. Shorts/skirts
  7. Trousers/track pants
  8. Thermal underwear
  9. Water bottle
  10. Warm socks, preferably woollen
  11. Swiss army knife
  12. Torch with spare batteries
  13. Extra bootlaces
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Sunscreen
  16. Personal medical supplies
  17. Sewing kit
  18. Towels
  19. Day pack (for valuable items such as camera, money, passport)
  20. Rucksack for clothes
  21. Down jackets, sleeping bags (we can provide these on request)
  22. Warm hat with sun protection
  23. Gloves