How to Access:

By Air:
Chengdu (Sichuan to Lhasa) :

Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province of China, offers daily flight connections to other major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Xining – as well as with Lhasa. This makes for easy travelling to Tibet from most areas of China. There are also two weekly direct flights between Chengching and Lhasa.
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Kathmandu to Lhasa:
There are three weekly flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa in the summer season (April to October), operated by Air China on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In the winter there is a once-weekly service, on Saturdays only.
The incredible Himalayan views on this 70 minute trip make it one of the most spectacular flights on earth. From Gonggar airport, it is a two hour journey to reach the main city.
Please note that because Air China is using a 110 passenger carrier, flights can become booked up quickly.

By Land:
Xining, Qinghai via Golmud to Lhasa :

This overland trip takes three days and two nights by bus. The route takes in several high passes and the road is extremely uneven in many places. However, most travellers find that the extremely scenic landscape more than compensates for the discomfort.
Be warned that some passengers can suffer the symptoms of mild altitude sickness.

Kathmandu to Lhasa :
This is an epic journey of between five and seven days on the so-called Friendship Highway. The route passes close to Everest Base Camp, Shigatse and Gyantse, so is full of interest. The road conditions are rugged, even though the Chinese government is gradually renovating the highway – so watch out for plenty of bumps and dust !

Tibet Flight Schedule
Arrival Flight Schedule & Time Table
Flight Starting point Via Airplane Model Days Departure Arrival time
CA4401 Chengdu   – A340 1-7 06:30 08:20
CA4405 Chengdu   – B757 2,4,6,7 07:05 08:55
CA4403 Chengdu   – A340 1-7 06:40 08:35
CA4112 Beijing Chengdu A340 1-7 09:45 14:50
CA431 Guangzhou Chongqing B757 2 08:35 13:15
CA4217 Xian Xining B757 1,3,4,6 09:15 13:05
CA4812 Shanghai Xian, Xning B757 1,3,5,7 07:50 14:35
CA4409 Chamdo   – B757 4 08:40 09:40
CA4429 Chengdu Kunming, Dechen B757 3,6 07:10 11:55
CA408 Kathmandu   – B757 2,4,6 12:05 13:05
Departure Flight Schedule & Time Table
Flight Destination Via Airplane Model Days Departure Arrival time
CA4402 Chengdu   – A340 1-7 09:30 11:15
CA4406 Chengdu   – B757 6 12:35 16:20
CA4404 Chengdu   – A340 1-7 08:45 11:35
CA4111 Beijing Chengdu A340 1-7 16:00 20:40
CA4311 Guangzhou Chongqing B757 2 13:55 18:25
CA4218 Xian Xining B757 1,2,5,7 15:20 19:05
CA4811 Shanghai Xian, Xning B757 1,2,4,6 13:45 20:05
CA4410 Chamdo   – B757 7 09:30 10:25
CA4430 Chengdu Kunming, Dechen B757 3,6 09:35 14:00
CA407 Kathmandu   – B757 2,4,6 09:40 11:00