Some of the West’s most gorgeous examples of exotic flowers, including rhododendron, peony, and saxifrage were first brought from Tibet by early travellers such as the British botanist Kingdon Ward, who travelled to Tibet in search of exotic plants in 1919.

There are 400 species of Rhododendron on the Tibetan plateauĀ (50 per cent of the world’s total species).

There are several species of medicinal herbs which thrive in the forested areas (4000 metres), including mock ginseng, Solomon’s seal and figwort.

Tibet is also rich in varieties of fungi, having an estimated 5,000 species (82.4 per cent of the entire Chinese stock).
As far as animal life is concerned, the elusive snow leopard makes its home in the Tibetan mountains, as well as bears, wolves, blue sheep, musk deer, yaks and Tibetan antelope.

The snow grouse can survive up around the snowline even during the harshest of winters.