Namche Barwa and Tsangpo Gorge

Maximum elevation: 7756 meters
Trip Length :24 Days
Accommodation: Budget hotels/Mountains Lodges / Camping
Transportation:Land transportation
Attractions: Scenic view of gorge and Mountain Trails 
Location: Kathmandu & Lhasa
Grade:Classic & Easy
Best Season:Feb to May and Sept to Dec

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Tour Description

Namche Barwa and Tsangpo Gorge – 24 days

If you are one of life’s truly adventurous spirits, preferring to explore the wildest kind of terrain where superlatives of nature abound, then this ultra-special Tibetan trek will fulfil all your pioneering aspirations.
The Tsangpo is the highest flowing river in the world and its monumental gorge – a staggering three times deeper than the Grand Canyon – is a uniquely awesome spectacle.
Add to this the largely unheralded splendour of the Namche Barwa peak (7756 metres), first scaled only in 1992, and you have the makings of a journey, the drama and beauty of which will be forever imprinted on your memory.
Very few trekkers have ever witnessed the hidden treasures of this fabulous region and it is our privilege to be one of only a handful of companies offering you this once-in-a-lifetime trekking opportunity.
Namche Barwa, which was conquered for the first time in October 1992 by a combined Chinese/Japanese group of mountaineers, has a base camp at an unusually low altitude (1600 metres) – and this affords great views of the bulky mountain’s snow-swathed peak.

The Tsangpo River makes a huge loop round the mountains’ massif before continuing on its way south to India. As the Tsangpo plunges an incredible 7000 metres it has created the astounding gorge outrivaling the Grand Canyon or the Kali Gandaki in Nepal. The whole region is also a treasure trove for nature lovers, with an area near Dostong La nicknamed ‘Rhododendron Fairyland’ and an abundance of other diverse and exotic flower species.
Another very photogenic site is a beach of shimmering white sand, set on the banks of the Tsangpo and surrounded by luxuriant forest. Beginning in Lhasa and taking in a preliminary route through Samye and Tsedang, our trek follows the course of the Tsangpo close to the disputed Indian border – to arrive at the village of Lusha near the big bend in the river.
Passing through the villages inhabited by the Loba people (a Tibetan minority group) we make our way through the forested region of Pei to the Namche Barwa Base Camp.
After a circumambulation of the holy mountain of Atsom Neh, we continue to the Gyala Monastery before making our return to Lhasa via Gengbu Jiangda and Ganden.
The entire route offers more than the usual share of daily excitement and promises a captivating experience in what must be one of Tibet’s – and the world’s – most interesting and remotely beautiful areas.
Please note that the itinerary below is recommended for advanced and confident trekkers only. If you would like to trek in this region, but are a little less experienced, please contact us for details of our intermediate level Namche Barwa and Tsangpo Gorge trek.


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