Kashgar to Lhasa Tour

Trip Length: 19 Days
Kailash Parvat
Grade: Easy
Accommodation:  Budget hotels &  Lodges
Attractions: Amazing view of Mt. Kailash and Roadway
Best Season: Feb – May and Sept – Dec

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Tour Description

Kashgar, also called Kashi, was once a major stop for caravans on the Silk Road. It is now a prosperous commercial centre with a population composed of Uighur, Tajik and Kirgiz peoples. Here it is the Han Chinese who are in the minority.

Id Kah Mosque & Square are the centre of the Kashgar which is the main shopping market. One of the attractions not to miss is the Sunday animal market in the large field which is situated at a distance of half an hour walk eastward from the main market. The main attraction of Khasgar is the “Abakh Khoja Tomb”. It is nearly an hour walk from the main market to reach the tomb. The Tomb of Xiang Fei, a concubine of the Emperor Quinlong, and her relatives, are in the mosque. There is a cemetery behind the mosque where one can see the occasional bone protruding from the ground.

This tour can be commenced either from Kathmandu, Lhasa, OR mainland China (Chengdu or Beijing). The trip can be designed to accommodate your personal preferences for time and destinations.

Here, we have offered a program that commences from Kathmandu with an hour flight to Lhasa. Then we journey onward to Mt. Kailash via Gyantse (the ancient trading center of Tibet) and Shigatse (the second largest city of Tibet). We then enjoy a 3-day trek around Mt. Kailash then continue our journey to Khasgar via Tirthpuri, Tholing, Shiquanhe and Yecheng.


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