Kanchenjunga South Base Camp

Trip Length :18 Days
Accommodation: Budget hotels/Mountains Lodges
Transportation:Land transportation
Attractions:Amazing view of Mt. Kanchenjunga
Grade:Classic & Easy
Best Season:Feb to May and Sept to Dec
Group size: 2 to 14 members
Minimum Altitude:850m
Maximum Altitude: 5400m

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Tour Description

Kanchenjunga Trekking

Before precise measuring techniques were available, it was believed that Kanchenjunga, not Everest, was the highest mountain in the world. Today this peak – actually the 3rd highest on earth at 8586 metres, still has a daunting and formidable reputation and its inaccessibility and high level of difficulty means that it is little trekked and has retained its pristine beauty. This is reflected in the Nepali translation of the word Kanchenjunga, ‘pure peak.’
Kanchenjunga straddles the border with Sikkim, India in Nepal’s remote north-east region.
We offer two treks to Kanchenjunga – one to its north and one to its South Base Camp.
Alternatively it is possible to combine both base camps into one itinerary, a trek that we can give you details of on request.

For an all-round trekking experience the Kanchenjunga region has it all: challenge, isolation, high altitude and amazing scenic splendour.
The climax of the journey is undoubtedly the three-day hike up the Kanchenjunga Glacier, where the views are overwhelmingly dramatic.
But the lead-up to the glacier and base camp is packed with interest, too, including a section where we walk through some of the most primitive places it is possible to encounter in the Himalayas, where the people speak only Tibetan and subsist on a meagre diet of potatoes and a little rice.

A little further on, tundra-like fields, with coarse grass and boulders, very close to the Tibetan border, are grazed by flocks of bhural (blue sheep).


Day 01 : Arrival Kathmandu – transported toHOTEL – tour briefing
Day 02 : A full-day sightseeing tour within the Kathmandu Valley
Day 03 : Transported to airport – fly Taplejung – trek Thembewa (2200 m)
Day 04 : Thembewa to Keswa (2120 m)
Day 05 : Keswa to Mamanke (1920 m)
Day 06 : Mamanke to Yamphudin (2080 m)
Day 07 : Yamphudin to Chittre (2962 m)
Day 08 : Chittre to Torontam (2995 m)
Day 09 : Torontam to Tseram (3870 m)
Day 10 : Tseram to Ramche (4580 m)
Day 11 : Ramche / Yalung Base camp (5400- Oktang)
Day 12 : Yalung Base camp / Ramche
Day 13 : Ramche / Tseram
Day 14 : Tseram / Lamite Bhanjyang
Day 15 : Lamite Bhanjyang / Yamphudin
Day 16 : Yamphudin / Mamankhe
Day 17 : Mamankhe / Keswa
Day 18 : Keswa / Lali Kharka
Day 19 : Lali Kharka / Taplejung
Day 20 : Flight to Kathmandu – transported to hotel
Day 21 : Free time in Kathmandu
Day 22 : Transported to airport – flight to onward destination


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